All Strange Maine events are free (though donations are encouraged for travelling artists).

(nothing planned at this time!)


this is what happened before (this list is very incomplete)....

friday july 9th 2004 8pm
Crank Sturgeon, Son of Earth, and ??? (two women with casios)
presented in conjunction with Time-Lag Records

sunday july 25th 2004
3pm 5pm & 7pm
Hoopleville Puppet Show
"it will star the Evil Herr Doktor Professor Milch Duud, and contain an awful lot of squids."
featuring David Kisch, James Cagney III, and Shop Keep Brendan

friday july 30th 2004
Glade Swope (w/ Dan Knudsen)

saturday july 31st 2004
Rodney Nason

sunday august 1st 2004
Sea Creatures
(open ended improvisationnes?)

friday august 6th 2004
Aubrey Derryberry "storytime"
free moldy cake is possible.....

saturday august 7th 2004
Mystic Out-Bop Review
Chico, Kit, and Scooter and their improvisatory spigots
audibly manifesting their current skeletal diagram phase.....

thursday august 19th 2004
Blanca Martin, id m theft able, Mike Pride, (and eventually) Shea Mowat
audiblee sckintill improvths fur violin, vox, percuss, electrode, et c. mirth!

friday august 20th 2004
Lovecraft Lounge
celebrating the 114th bathing of uncle H.P.

sunday august 22nd 2004
Shelly Blake (baltimore)
Strawberry All-Stars (gorham)

saturday september 11th 2004
Down To Kill
(acoustic, or 'unplugged', if you will....)
bring a friend and do your best W.T.C. memorial pantomime

Friday September 24th 2004
Shea Mowat (traitor!)
having betrayed us all, shea returns to rub it in our faces

Saturday October 8th 2004 8pm
Static Films,
In Gowan Ring,

get grown head grown and shrubery trips of!
(presented by Time Lag Records)

Friday October 15th 2004
Jack Rose (of Charlambides)
Visitations (of)
¿More glued on juice vaps (et c.) these pylons to psych FOLK?
(again presented by Time Lag Records)

Thursday October 21st 2004 7pm
a presentation on
Rob Los Ricos Thaxton
A U.S. Politcal Prisoner

Friday October 22nd 2004 7:30
Dan Knudson
(with guests to be announced)
maybe his guitar takes pictures........

Saturday October 23rd 2004 4 or 9pm
"The Gas Undressed"
at long last.....the gas.....undressed

Saturday October 30th 2004
Long Black Veil
Getchyer Portland Chunks Countfified and lap guitar'd fer Halloween

Sunday October 31st 2004
Crank Sturgeon + Id M Theft Able
(hardy socks and flim Tinks, 2gethr a gain)
Zipper Spy
(out of the mine, into the, uh, maine)
and mayhaps other...
Snozzle in fabrique noisen kisses of venting Halloween candies! HAHSH

Saturday November 6th 2004
Limburger 64
(northern New Hampshire's 14th finest noise/pop stockings)
id m theft able
(so low i reformance this romance, to thee i sing?)

Saturday November 13th 2004
ONDA (boston)
NO FKKING idiomatica(s) improvisatoryationsings
(and no more)

tuesday november 23rd 2004
The MV & EE Medicine Show
good health and acronyms presented by your comrades at Time Lag Records

friday november 26th 2004
snag Thems adidas and Come see a boy trying to rediscover his AFRO. that's HIP HOP.

sunday november 28th 2004
Strawberry All-Stars
(strawberry shortcake, strawberry fields forever, strawberry ice cream, et c.)
Darkwings Grab Bags
(oh, to think of childhoods wasted on "disney afternoon")

january 16th 2005
Magik Markers (gave rainbow noise mustaches)
The Believers (rawwwwwr rawwwwwwr)
Visitations (photos of bibles in the air sold as close encounters)
id m theft able and Sophia Celestial Incarnate (semi-domestik blissth)

saturday january 29th 2005
C.S. Thompson (author)
Chase Arkham (illustrator)
these gents signed copies of their book "And Then The Night"
6:30pm readin

saturday january 29th 2005 8pm
Tim Feeney and Vic Rawlins
(ascending from boston)
id m theft able
(descending from windham)
bringing you an evening of fine improvised audio eventage, yo

saturday february 5th 2005 7pm
Modern Syndrome
("come check out virtuoso guitarist Chris DiRocco's last show as a pre-teen")

sunday february 6th 2005 8pm
In Gowan Ring
Nick Castro

(another night of folk psyche study spoonful brought to you by Time Lag Records)

saturday february 12th 2005 8pm
Darwin's Grab Bag
(what happened to the duck?)
Strawberry All Stars
(strawberry alarm clock, strawberries mean love, strawberry attitude, et c.)
The Union
(sneaker squeaks? uhhmm, i dunno, where's the fro?)

saturday february 19th 2005 5pm and 8pm
"Cranky" of the Clown School Dropouts
(5pm matinee, 8pm adults only, come dance exotic-like)

saturday march 5th 2005
Dan Knudsen
(come watch "the knud" flick his tongue at the setting sun (with his guitar))

saturday march 12th 2005
Modern Syndrome
(celebrating the release of their aptly titled live recording "strange maine")

saturday march 26th 2005
Rodney Nason. Brendan Prom. Bob Bergeron w/Ben Hancock
(¿details pending?)

sunday april 3rd 2005 1pm
The Thunders
(two children and one adult do grace you, in the afternoon)

friday april 8th 2005
Jeff Platz and the Bright Light Group
(kit conjures whirls avant-jazz birds and free's them live)

saturday april 9th 2005
Modern Syndrome, visitations, drona parva, id m theft able, wha?
(super duper portland all star collective freak out?

thursday april 14th 2005 8pm
Caleb Johnston
(coming from baltimore and bringing "a homemade pipe organ. Pipes , hoses that blast air, synth, strings, hogwild bird orchestra fuck. I wanna strangeo the airwaves in your town, itll be nice and messed.")
id m theft able
(windham's third most distinguished gentleman cries in public)
crank sturgeon
(hot tatters and blabskins from the noise gringo et c.)

sunday april 17th 2005
Sherman presents The Good Bad Film Festival ("ring in spring with sherman's film follies, that's alliterate tand then rhymemsmsnmbb")

Thursday April 27th 2005
(be sure to get vaccinated prior to this exposure to tubas and banjos)

sunday may 8th 2005
the red f, Most Bitter, The Bunwinkies

sunday may 15th 2005
The MGMT, Guy Irving

saturday may 21st 2005 8pm
mike pride, don pride, blanca martin, id m theft able (quartet)

wednesday June 8th 2005
Jimmy Cousins
Geordi's Visor

thursday June 9th 2005
UNION (fine hiphopt improvisers)
Guy Irving with A Knife!

friday June 10th 2005
Ruined Pelt
Lava Farm
Crank Sturgeon

(a fine and distinguished evening of noise from new hampshire (and fishface))

saturday June 11th 2005
The Thunders
(the only movie i watch is Star Wars.....kid(S) rocking)

thursday June 16th 2005
The Culottes
Galen Richmond
(yeah, that guy from The Phoenix)
Certain Numbers

friday july 8th 2005
BasketTree (and probably others)
(improvisers from.....Baltimore!)

saturday July 23rd 2005
(solo synth performance (at last))

Saturday July 31st 2005 8pm

id m theft able

(evenings swept fine of SOUND a-washes, stuffs)

Saturday August 8th 2005 8pm
Dave Kerouac
Strange to Strangers

(Support Local Sports)

Monday August 8th 2005
Eyes and Arms of Smoke
Auk Theatre

(what's that, over there, behind those trees, maaan)

Saturday August 13th 2005
Modern Syndrome
Christy and Emily

(come hear the new Syndrome drummer, fight for a bench seat, et c.)

Wednesday August 17th 2005
Ramona Cordova
(un Judy blume yourselves, recovery is imminent)

Friday August 19th 2005
Surefire Broadcast

(i, uh, i, uhm, yes, i, do, i do)

Sunday August 28th 2005
Mt. Gigantic

(if you're serious about raquetball, please come on down, these guys wanna play)

Monday September 5th 2005
16 Bitch Pile Up
Crank Sturgeon

(swam the fish tossed through stacked bitches (alphabetically. noise!)

Saturday September 10th 2005
Adam Stockman
(1 half of) Fakin' Jamaican
(Strange Maine's first reggae show!)
Brian Kenney Fresno!
(Brian's express purpose is to make you happy)

Sunday September 11th 2005
Down To Kill
(Caleb does a killer WTC pantomime for the second straight year)

Monday September 12th 2005
Garm (20 lbs lighter than his last solo)
Elephant Micah
(vffv vfvff wvfv wvfvfvwf!)

Thursday September 15th 2005
This day is the deadline for submissions to the 16 Millimeter Film Fest

Sunday September 18th 2005 12:30 pm

Friday September 23rd 2005
The 16 Millimeter Altered Film Fest!

Friday September 30th 2005
2% Majesty
(fsszfvf ssffvszsffs)

Monday October 3rd 2005
Howard Stelzer
Joseph Hammer
Jay Sullivan

(the whisp sighs of famed flamed sonic texturalists, tape taps, mims and wash: "experimental!")

Wednesday October 5th 2005
Nautical Almanac
id m theft able
Crank Sturgeon

(an evening of thrift store viscera sound and punct (come sing happy birthday to Carly))

Tuesday October 11th 2005
Midwest Dilemma
Dan Knudsen

(baby, they won't hurt you)

Friday November 4th 2005
in gowan ring
the red f
fern knight
jesse sparhawk

(as lobed soups of harp, dandelion, softs et c. grow soothed.)

Friday December 16th 2005
Micah Blue Smalldone
George Zarate

friday january 13th 2006
Caleb Johnston
id m theft able

friday february 3rd 2006
Yamol Yuk

wednesday march 1st 2006
crank sturgeon + id m theft able
Bonnie B. Jones + Andy Hayleck
Bryan Eubanks

thursday march 23rd 2006 8pm
Garm (rode bus 5)
id m theft able (also rode bus 5)
son of earth (Mass hushers)
birds of delay (from l'UK)
kurt weisman (of 'Feathers')
steven zultanski (poet)
opera glove sinks in the sea (???!!!)

saturday march 25th 2006
Dan Knudsen (he's a real good stab)
The UNION (improvised hip hop)

saturday april 8th 2006
RNL & Buckets and Batteries
(they present: "MOFO POETRY YO")
(which is apparently "beat poetry and drum and base (sic) beats to beat you stupid")

friday april 14th 2006
Space Captain (northampton)

tuesday april 18th 2006
Erin Tobey (of 'Mt. Gigantic')
Mike Taylor

friday april 28th 2006
Prisma (and/or) Visitations
(brought to you by the kindly cookie makers at Time Lag Records)

saturday may 13th 2006
Lovecraft Lounge
(featuring the Maine premiere of Christian Matzkey's "Experiment 17"

monday may 15th 2006
Mike Tamburo
Keenan Lawler
Nick Schillace
(an evening of guitar music: no vocals allowed!) Tuesday june 20th 2006
James Blackshaw
Jesse Sparhawk
Glenn Jones
(an evening of music presented by time-lag records, nemo says: "looks like a very sweet evening of acoustic guitar raga bliss")

Thursday june 22nd 2006
Glade Swope
Dan Knudsen
(come kiss Dugan (on the mouth) goodbye!)

Monday june 26th 2006
Death Chants
(Death Chants say "We are Space Folk", and the Visitations don't say anything... Nemo says "gonna be a psychedelic mind-melter for sure!" and he's probably right, yet another evening of music presented by time-lag records)

Sunday july 2nd 2006
ian paige
will bangs
whit weisburn

Friday july 7th 2006
Lese Majesty
Acoustic Blowout

tuesday July 18th 2006
Time Lag Records presents....
Nick Castro and The Young Elders
(another evening of you know what presented my Time-Lag Records)

Sunday July 23rd 2006
Tatsuya Nakatani + id m theft able
(Tatsuya and id m perform solo and together: an evening of improvised sound and music)

Monday July 24th 2006 7pm
Ian Paige
Will Bangs
Witt Wisebram
The Government

Saturday July 29th 2006
Family Underground (from Denmark)
(and some other special mystery guests.....another evening of music presented by Time-Lag Records)

Sunday July 30th 2006 4:30 PM
(sampling some of the strangest films from japan's legendary toho studios, like: godzilla's revenge, kwaidon, the mysterians, and more!)

Wednesday August 2nd 2006
The Old Scratch Revival Singers
The Poor Valley Salvation Society

("You are invited to a down home punk rock hootanany!")

Friday August 4th 2006
Jeff Platz trio
("(they)combine free jazz noise with an underlying rock sensibility and feel.")
Alex Lorch
("feedback loops, tape loops, field recordings, sound collage, and gentle guitar torture")

Saturday August 5th 2006
Tiger Saw
Modern Syndrome

Tuesday August 8th 2006
id m theft able + kit demos
Alonzo Holliday + Sean Lent Duo ("saxophone meltdown")
(an evening of elegant electronic and/or acoustic improvisation, i do say)

Wednesday August 9th 2006
Liz Isenberg
Les Kerouacs
("Liz is a musician from Amherst, Massachusetts. She plays string bass,?guitar, and works with electronic sound manipulation." --- "Vio/Mire is Providence, RI native Brendan Glasson's recording project. His consistently affecting work ranges from highly accessible folk music to highly sophisticated sound experiments, bridging the two with ease.")

Thursday August 10th 2006
Peter and the Wolf
Mike Tamburo
Niagra Falls
("Peter and the Wolf stage unusual performances in graveyards and abandoned busses" and apparently at strange maine as well......Time Lag Presents another evening of Time-Lag-ness)

Tuesday August 15th 2006
T.V. Mike (bloomington)
Buffalino (cleveland)
Mother Mary Morphine (portland)
Brooke Pridemore

Friday August 18th 2006
Matt Weston
("Weston puts a unique spin on the drum solo and creates tones of atypical sonority. He is a sound explorer on an apparent endless quest for purity")
("Medhammer experiments and processes electro/acoustic sound")
Shuman Hertzog
("acoustic melodies w/ kelly nesbitt, betzi james, and barry burst")
Erik Hinds
(who's erik hinds?)
Shallow Water
("a two-piece traditional industrial outfit that resides in this age of state terrorism, ethnic cleansing, unsustainable living, violent class war, and first world human gluttony.")

Saturday August 19th 2006
(high fivin' strawberry jonathan counts to 500)

Monday September 11th 2006
Down To Kill
(as an acoustic trio, their third annual 9/11 strange maine show)

Tuesday September 12th 2006
Jakob Olausson
Sus Jakob

Thursday September 21st 2006
black swan
lewis & clark

Sunday September 24th 2006
Jason Rogers (of Diamond Sharp)
Cassette Concret
Dandelion Fiction
The Furniture(folk, yodel, saw)

October 5th 2006
Dan Knudsen (regional superstar)
Dandelion Junk Queens (accordions!)
Warm Puddles

Friday October 13th 2006
Gathering Winds
(show sponsored by Jason Vorhees)

Wednesday October 18th 2006
W-S Burn

Sunday October 22nd 2006
The 500's
The Places
The Asbestos On Ice Sex Change
Uke of Spaces Corners

october 26th 2006
ethereal plains indian
venison whirled
(time lag records presents an evening of ethereal venison music from austin, tx)
Garm's Agent Provocateur
id m theft able

thursday November 2nd 2006
(a two piece drone band from philadelphia)

saturday November 4th 2006

november 17th 2006
Phantom Buffalo

November 25th 2006
the nether dawn
(of new zealand)
peter wright
skeletons out
("Fuzzy warble and unsteady clatter by the duo of Howard Stelzer (of Intransitive Recordings, playing cassette tapes) and Jay Sullivan (of We Break More Records, on prepared records and amplified turntable")
attar cups

Friday December 22nd 2006
Dan Knudsen
Glade Swope
Northern B All Stars (alien garage)
Antiques (shipwrecked music recorded during the civil war)

Tuesday December 26th 2006
Crank Sturgeon
Mike Pride / Jamie Saft / id m theft able
(and special mystery guests)

Saturday January 20th 2007
Big Blood (Caleb + Colleen from Cerberus Shoal)
Tim Feeney + Vic Rawlings

Wednesday February 14th 2007
Big Blood
Brother Oak

Monday February 19th 2007
Tiger Saw
Strand of Oaks
Jesse Frayne

Friday February 23rd 2007
Sydney Bourke
Alina Simone
Gabriel Miller-Phillips

Sunday February 25th 2007
Time Lag Recordings presents

Saturday March 3rd 2007
The 500's
The Rattlesnakes
Rotundo Sealeg

Sunday March 18th 2007
Peeesseye (NYC cufflink nibblers)
Crank Sturgeon (Pants Pee'r)
Visitations (moping bible characters)
id m theft able (extraordinarily large baby)
microwave background

Tuesday April 3rd 2007
Garm & Asa Irons
Jen Strickland (Manaih(?))
Apothecary Hymns (Boston)

Friday April 6th 2007
Shea Mowat!!!

Wednesday April 18th 2007
The Rattlesnakes
Jon Crocker (1 Man folk/punk band from Portland, OR)
Christopher Kimball (brooklyn)

Thursday April 19th 2007
Super Famicom
Red Bear (Chicago)

Thursday April 26th 2007
Big Blood

Wooden Wand & The Vanishing Voice (maybe)
GHQ (members of Magik Markers, Double Leopards)
(an evening of paisley delicacies presented by Time Lag Records)

Friday April 27th 2007
Matt Weston + id m theft able
(in both solo and duo form)

Saturday April 28th 2007
The grim trigger (power electronics)
Lesbian City (Trance / Neo-soul / Idol)
Casio Action Front (power electronics)
Behind The Wall (from Portland!)
Shea & Skot of Maine (horse revelations)

Wednesday May 2nd 2007
Ospreys (Philly cello improv)
Uncle Woody Sullener & Kevin Davis (Brooklyn banjo/cello improv)
Prisma (no cello, echo-y song stranded improv)

Saturday May 12th 2007
Jeff Platz Group (out-jazzz)
Hardline Elephants (A Belgian Stampede)
Bill Nace

Sunday May 13th 2007
thollem mcdonas
(did not play)
Shea + Garm

Thursday May 17th 2007
Chris Teret
the burning hell

the chickadees

golden anniversary

(someone give me some information about this one??)

Sunday May 20th 2007
Pyramid $keem
Shawn Kornhauser
A.M. Frank
Brooke Pridemore
(two Power Point hip hop acts from Philadelphia)

Thursday May 24th 2007
Gastric Female Reflex (canadian "pride duo")
id m theft able + Crank Sturgeon (skun knees)
Shea Mowat (Aer Lingus)

Wednesday May 30th 2007
Jason Talbot (turntablist, et ceteraist)
Vertonen (lush combs of...)
Crank Sturgeon (Troubador Aqueous)
Bad Bus (many headed subterranean brunswick improv monster)

Wednesday June 6th 2007
Agnes Palier / Olivier Toutlemonde / Jack Wright (free improvisationalizations)
Kit Demos + Alonzo Holliday (free celestials, w/a jazz squirts)
Scooter + id (everybody loves a clown, so why don't you?)

Sunday June 10th 2007
Adam Schutzman's Mother Fucking Church Tower
Shea & Skot of Maine
Ophibre (Mass chewing Seltzer
Most Colourful Wind (Soothe and Blinds)
and more.....

Thursday June 14th 2007
Uke of Spaces Corners (Strum + Hum)
Dank (of south portland)

Saturday June 16th 2007
Audrey Chen (cello / voice / electronics)
id m theft able (fresh air)
Frank Turek (saxaphone, trunk)

Saturday June 23rd 2007
Ben + Vesper (members of Feathers)
The Ancient and the Transmundane
Andrew McGinnis
Robert Stillman's Horses

Thursday June 28th 2007
Oak (Vermont Psyche)
A Snake In The Garden (Vermont Splizz)
Amy Emergency (arkansas _____)
Ryan + Joe Power

Friday June 29th 2007 7pm
Glade Swope (Bedroom Metal's Ultimate Warrior)
Dan Knudsen (Portland's finest Folk Warrior, takes a break from the forging of swords)
Old Fat God (acoustic shamanism)
The Orchards (folk rock spirituals)

Monday July 16th 2007
Eyes Like Saucers (Harmonium Drone)
Area C (Providence Atmospheric Landscapes)
Chriss Sutherland (Cerberus Thread oh so nice man)

Friday July 20th 2007
Ruth Garbus (of Feathers)
Over A Cardboard Sea

Saturday July 28th 2007
Jason Henn / Alonzo Holliday (drums and saxophone cartwheels down stairs)
Kit Demos / Jeff Platz (bass and guitar punctuations)
The Inside(r) Pitch (id m theft able + Garm of "visitations" take another stab at it)

Wednesday August 8th 2007
Robert Stillman's Horses = (1 man band portland)
The Subjects = (new york indie rock band)
Sara Ramey = (of portland's "Seekonk")

Saturday August 18th 2007
Godbois! = (portland synth pop)
Joel Lamer = (wmpg tech director!)
The Scrapes = (portland dance pop)
Daniel Ouellette = (boston new wave)

Wednesday August 22nd 2007
Michael c. Hart = (theremin)
Matt Rock = (accordion)
The Orchards = (portland folk)
Andrew McGinnis = (solo electric guitar compositions)

Wednesday August 29th 2007
Killick (plays "Harpeggio")
G.C. Typhois

Thursday September 13th 2007
C.S. Thompson
(reading/book signing for his new book "ghost shadows")

Monday September 17th 2007
Brother Oak /Shon Ra/
Jak and Sus

Wednesday September 26th 2007
Andrew Mcginiss w/Damian

Saturday September 29th 2007
Jeff Platz, Kit Demos, Django Charranza Trio
Tashi & Adam
(an evening of instrumental impov + composition...rumbles and/or rimbles)

Sunday October 7th 2007
Lars Din
Chris Tenet
Chris Carmody (of Northampton)

Thursday October 11th 2007
Nat Baldwin
Matt Rock
Alec K Redfearn

Friday October 12th 2007
Jarrod Fowler
id m theft able

Friday October 19th 2007
Matt Weston (extended percussion)
S.A.G. Trio (portland all star pow-trio)
Bad Bus
(non-idiomatic improvisations snigs and houghs)

Saturday October 20th 2007
B.J. Snowden (no, i mean, for real!)
Dan Knudsen
Strawberry All-Stars

Saturday November 3rd 2007
The Tyn Bagg (Kris Tyner, Mike Baggetta)
Mystic Out-Bop Review

Saturday November 10th 2007
Cousin id
A.M. Frank
Red Favorite
White Light
(xperimmntal and/or sigh-folke what-da-do)

Thursday November 15th 2007
Nozal Cube (french electro acoustic improvisors)
Scooter & id (cliqkqity clackhers)
Shea Mowat (Standish, Aquarius)
Ed Snyder (Race Car Driver Out of A Job)

Sunday November 24th 2007
Kit Demos + Bob Bergeron (doublebass/electric bass duo)
Devon + (??????)

Thursday November 29th 2007
Alban Bailly (guitar) & Heddy Boubaker (alto sax)
id m theft able and the choir required the peeling revealing
Impractical Cockpit
and "experimental films" by Thomas Little and Lisa VanWomback

Saturday December 1st 2007
Daniel Ouellette (boston)

Tuesday December 4th 2007
Crank Sturgeon + Galen Richmond as "Gentlemen Hecks"
Killick! (h'arpeggio master)

Wednesday Dec 12th 2007
Darkling Plains
Tony Aloney (featuring members of "Big Blood" and "Inside(r) Pitch")
Prince Rama of Ayldhya (boston)
Bad Bus

Friday December 14th 2007
Rotundo Sealeg
Woodburning Cat
Modern Syndrome
Mac St. Michael

Monday December 17th 2007
The Scrapes
Ghetto Crest

Friday December 21st 2007
Dan Knudsen
id m theft able
(Dan's annual Strange Maine Holiday Show)

Saturday January 5th 2008
S.A.G. Trio (featuring members of "Agent Provocateur", "Bunda Love", Mystic Outbop Review, et c.)
Shea Mowat (featuring members of "Shea & Skot of Maine", "The Jaws 2", and "Nightline")

Sunday January 13th 2008
Attar Cups (prescription only, portland)
The Serfs (from the u.k.)
Hunter Bros.

Monday January 21st 2008
Brooke Pridemore = (New York)
Soft Black = (New Jersey)
Tashi = (Portland, improvisor??)
Elf Princess Gets A Harley = (Portland)
(an evening of acoustic punk, indie, whatever and amen)

Friday February 29th 2008
Ophibre (washes, crawls, earplugs....o'Boston)
Most Colourful Wind (the neon bursts)
A.M. Frank (spasms and posture correction)
and interuptions by id m theft able
(LEAP DAY avant garde party-show, boston experimentalists....cake)

Wednesday March 5th 2008
White Light
John Rittenhouse (the red mysteries)
and projections by Bob Wirtz Jr.

Thursday March 6th 2008
Cal Clark
Brendan Evans
Caleb Coulthard
Bart Joy
Dave Conley

Wednesday March 12th 2008
Ghetto Crest (fantasy hip hop, they don't drink from a goblet, they drink from an urn)
The Scrapes (Bubba Sparxxx inspired puddle dippers)
Crowscarecrow (???)

Saturday March 15th 2008
Devon Gray + Steve Grover (jazz percussions of?)
Shea Mowat (actually, he played over in the parking garage)
S.A.G. Trio (Brendan, does Frank know about this? Oh, he made a flyer? well then i guess he must....)

Friday March 21st 2008
Hooper Piccalero = (Boston)
Mystic Out Bop Review = (local free jazz doctors)
(improvised and not so improvised musics and crafts)

Saturday April 5th 2008
B.J. Snowden (no, i mean, for real!)
Big Blood
id m theft able (19th Strange Maine solo)

Thursday April 10th 2008
Tiger Saw (since 1999)
South China (wife+husband cello/accordian/guitar blast from Biddeford)
Tin Ceiling (????)
Cathy Cathodic

Saturday April 12th 2008
Calliope Quartet = (Boston based hushed improv)
Scooter + id m theft able (if FRNK consents(he consented, oh boy get ready))
Attar Cups (visitational / time lag'n off shoot)

Saturday April 19th 2008
Dolphins into the future (Belgian New Age/dream interpretation)
Garm (yes)
Shea & Skot of Maine (husky pants)
The Skaters (California Om, vocal drone ?)

Friday April 25th 2008
Rowan & Hastings (Powerpoint Rap from Philly)
Chip Means (Portland singer songwriter)
A.M. Frank (NO NONSENSE electro-punk)
Ghetto Crest (Silly's based wizard crunk)

Monday April 28th 2008
Jon Crocker (from california)
Elf Princess Gets a Harley (a Cohen Wainwright Richman Lekman herbal infusion)

Friday May 2nd 2008
Jeff Platz Trio
Charles Greely + Microkingdom
(a fine of distinguished evening of "out" ¿jazz?)

Saturday May 3rd 2008
Daniel Ouellette
Chriss Sutherland
The Red F
(a varied and fascinating singer-songwriter onslaught)

Sunday May 4th 2008
Golden Jooklo Age (italian free-space jazz ish?)
Peaking Lights (madison non-reggae)
Blue Prostitutes (Brooklyn experimental/jazz/rock)
Mystic Out-Bop Review (local free jazz(??) doctors operate)

Saturday May 10th 2008
Devon Gray, Jeff Platz, Kit Demos (Jazz Trio)
+ more TBA

Wednesday May 14th 2008
The Rita = (militant walls from Vancouver)
Oscillating Innards = (Portland, Oregon)
Dog Holocaust = (that's Kakerlak + Sewer Election from Sweden)
Portable Noise Kremator (Belgium)
Crank Sturgeon ???? = ('Swell fish)
(this will probably be the most "Harsh Noise" night in the history of Strange Maine)

Thursday June 5th 2008
Bunda Love Trio (Mike Pride, BSDM, id m theft able)
AM Frank (Visitations with mohawks)
Adamo Terevans and the Asian Brass (another one from the Strange Maine Birth Canal)

Saturday June 14th 2008 7:30pm
Dan Knudsen (release party for his new release "Outer Space" featuring Dan's back up band METAL CHARIOT!)
the 850 dollar feature length psychedelic zombie movie "The Grateful Undead" and a yard sale @ 9pm)
and Glade Swope (Glade says "LS-D, not necessary to see God at this experiment! Glade Swope will be premiering new material from his next volume, coming soon; YET ANOTHER ONE HAS RETURNED")

Monday June 16th 2008
Tom K. ((of "Fire on Fire" and Tarpigh) premiers his original folk songs played on the oud)
Sleepahold (improv group from the Portland area)
Tim Kenney (from Boston, improvises with analog synthesizer and samplers)
Sam Cooper (from Portland, OR does "Americana Brit-Pop")

Friday June 20th 2008 7pm
Planets Around The Sun (rendering a solstice celebration)

Saturday June 28th 2008
(featuring members of "Garm" and "Micah Blue Smalldone": "down and dirty electric guitar folk fight")
Annikki Dawn (providence)
Diego Perez (Providence)
Mac St. Michael (Thomaston, Rockport, or Rockland, can't remember)

Wednesday July 9th 2008
Mutiny Amungst Friends (5 piece acoustic rock band from Connecticut)
Thinguma*JijSaw-singamajigsaw (????)
Prisma (Iele Tree sisters strum and whistle)
Yeti (sighted)

Saturday July 12th 2008
Sisters and Brothers
Orgy of Noise
The Church of Flying Dreams
S.L.A.M. Quartet

Tuesday July 22nd 2008
Red Winged Black bird (From New Hampshire)
Turn Down Day (Modern Syndrome have molted)
Mac St. Michael
Garm's Vexation (diet Visitations)

Sunday July 27th 2008
Rotundo Sealeg (Bangor)
The Scrapes
Ghetto Crest (Wizard-Hop)

Tuesday July 29th 2008
Paul Baribeau
Behind The Wall
+ more TBA

Saturday August 2nd 2008
Filiamotsa (French violin and drum improvisation)
Mystic Out Bop Review
Shea Mowat ("God Bless....")

Sunday August 3rd 2008
Argumentix (Portland, oregon)
Budweiser Sprite (?????)
Crank Sturgeon (or rather other peoples impressions of him) + id m theft able (Maine style opera)
U.S. Girls (chicago tape loops et c.)

Thursday August 14th 2008
Killick! = (improvised "appalachian trance metal")
Shea D. Mowatttturek R. Frank Pump Organ Twosome = (two men, two pump organs, two some)
Oblaka = (mysterious New England nomads, dropping ?'s and !'s)

Sunday August 24th 2008
Johan Tore Nystrom
Cave Bears
id m theft able

Saturday August 30th 2008
MYSTERY? (Garm + Special Ed. join forces)
with sound and projections by Bob Wirtz Jr.

Tuesday September 16th 2008
Air Waves ("Tropical" music from Brooklyn)
Prince Rama of Ayodhya ("Visual" music from Boston)

Friday October 3rd 2008
Matt Weston = (excellent Western Mass avant-percussionist)
Scooter + id = (Portland nim-prov, Freewheel Burning et c.)
Friends and Fans of Chris Cooper (Matt Weston, id m, Shea Mowat)

Wednesday October 15th 2008
Franz Fjödor = (dutch drones/improv/dark folk)
Staplerfahrer = (dutch drones/microsound)
Bird Organ = (Manchester, NH)

Thursday October 16th 2008
Usurper = (Free Noise / improv from Scotland)
Nackt Insecten = (Scottish night prowler)
Shea & Skot of Maine = (strumming drool strands)
The Changing Colors = (Colorado Psyche Folk)

Saturday October 18th 2008
B.J. Snowden (no, i mean, for real!)
A.M. Frank = (bzzt)
The 500's = (sweet like a valentine you get from a classmate)

Sunday October 19th 2008
Cursillistas = (Portland psych drone folk)
Snowblink = (Canada)
Dead Western = (California)
Longfellow Kucz = (Portland solo kraut rock folk)

Friday October 24th 2008
Dan Knudsen = (Portland's Finest Folk Warrior)
Glade Swope = (Portland's Epic Bedroom Metal Titan)
the m the mn and the n = (spooky tunes that will at least be average, featuring members of Dragondrums)
(This is a Halloween show)

Saturday November 22nd 2008
Prisma (members of Visitations, Attar Cups, et c.)
Bill (he played, you just didn't notice)
Cave Bears (flipping the bird at hibernation)
id m something or other (futuristic hip hop)
Magic Lantern Show By Blainor (starring Rabbit and Coyote)

Saturday December 13th 2008
Doris Attic
Pitcher Window = (members of "Jow Jow The Death Knell Rung")
Chriss Sutherland = (Fire on Fire, Ceberus Shoal, et c.)
Snout = (Garm + Micah Blue Smalldone)

Saturday December 20th 2008 7:30
6th Annual Dan Knudsen X-Mas Show (7:30-8:30pm)
Mystic Out Bop Review (8:45-9:15pm)
Glade Swope (9:15-10:15pm)

Saturday January 31st 2009
R.A.Fish/Brian Knoth/Kit Demos = (three-free-way-free)
Offset Needle Radius = (Kittery Minimalism)
Pine Tree State Mind Control (subliminal noise power point)
Scooter + id = (wimpy gimpy imps with limps improvise)

Sunday, March 8th 2009 7pm
Pine Smoke Lodge = (Portland duo of unknown inclinations)
Heaven People = (Psych Walls from New Haven, CT)
Arabian Blade

Thursday, March 19th 2009
Matthias Kaul = (excellent avant percussionist from Germany)
Mystic Out Bop Review = (free improv web spinners from Maine)
id m theft able = (aural oral frictist from New Marblehead)

Sunday, March 22nd 2009
Tempera = (Portland psych ?ings or inexpensive paint)
L.G.A.S.M. = (Prog/Onyx tribute band, featuring members or Visitations, Mystic Out Bop Review, id m theft able, et c.)
Moses Gunn = (Chris from Turn Down Day (Modern Syndrome) solo)

Wednesday, April 1st 2009 (Strange Maine 6th anniversary)
Ryan Cutler = (?????)
Strawberry Allstars = (Jon!)
Letters to the Moon = (acoustic pop from Columbus, Ohio)
American War = (folk/punk from Kent, Ohio)
Crank Sturgeon + id m theft able duo = (Strange Maine singer/songwriter contest winners 2009)

Saturday May 2nd 2009
Cloud Buster = (solo drone from Portland)
White Light = (white heat?)
Cursillistas = (Aroostook rooted psych folk)
Mystery? = (space rock?)
Dust From 1000 Years = (Indiana "Indie/Experimental/Folk")

Thursday May 21st 2009
Totally Ripped (Vancouver B.C.)
Sex Negative (Vancouver B.C.)
Cloud Buster = (solo drone from Portland)
Tempera = (Portland psych ?ings or inexpensive paint)

Saturday May 23rd 2009
The Scrapes = (final show ever! :( )
Goatman and The Grunches = ("pop")
Computer At Sea = (Live Electronics, indie, something or other (Galen d'Portland))
The Ancient Feelings = (not electroacoustic, not tape music)

Saturday June 6th 2009
Jeff Platz (guitar) + Blaise Siwula (sax) + Johnny Mclellan (percussion) + Kit Demos (bass)
Joshua Descherer = (contrabassist, composer)
S.A.G. Trio = (the resimplification era begins)

Wednesday June 10th 2009
Gen 26 = (noise artist from Slovenia)
Crank Sturgeon = (beautiful Harpswell man-fish flops part 1)
DIOS_Project = (White Noise, Long Notes, and Doors Slamming, not from the other Portland, from this Portland)
P.C.R.V. / Matt Taggart = (Montana noisling flufflatron)

Friday June 19th 2009
B.J. Snowden = (no, i mean, for real!)
Keyboard Cathy = (versatile singer songwriter, author of "Sushi Lover")
Ghost Mice = (up)
Heathers = ( Melodramatic Popular Song / Acoustic from Ireland)

Sunday June 21st 2009
Computer At Sea = (Live Electronics, indie, something or other (Galen d'Portland))
Dino Felipe = (Miami Sound Machine)
Ken Rei = (Experimental/Live Electronics from Cleveland)
Moon Climb The Wall = (Salem, experimental)

Friday June 26th 2009
Brooke Pridemore = (acoustic folk/punk New York)
Vikesh Kapoor = ("a true folk aficionado" from Boston)
Dan Knudsen = (Portland's favorite "Outer Space" folk singer)
Strawberry All Stars = (Jon!)

Sunday July 12th 2009
Peter J. Woods = (dynamic Milwaukee Noise)
Instinct Control = (circuit bent tape player/folkbender of Chicago)
DIOS_Project = (White Noise, Long Notes, and Doors Slamming, not from the other Portland, from this Portland)
Crank Sturgeon + id m = (manfish and the slicker do battle nicely)

Wednesday July 15th 2009
Bird Organ = (New Hampshurian impro-force)
Painter Fable = ("one man free rock" from St. Louis)
L.?S.A.G. Trio? = (?wot?are?you?talkin?'bout?)
Moon Climb The Wall = (Salem, experimental, beats?)

Monday July 20th 2009
Aghori = (minimal Portland drone)
Tempera = (Portland psych-drone ?ings or inexpensive paint)
Neckhold = (Australian Noise, Live Electronics)
belltonesuicide = (Noise Rumble and Crush from Western Mass.)

Monday August 3rd 2009
Pak = (concrete ooze and shoe fluid, Western Mass)
Cotopaxi = (good slaloming Dutch protagonists, Nederlands)
George W. Myers = (beat? throbbing Breaking World Records impresario, Western Mass)
id m theft able = (obligatory local goon, Maine)

Saturday August 15th 2009
Kruse (solo tape loops, Portland Oregon)
Bill Dube (more solo tape loops, Portland Oregon)
Untitled Original = (Philadelphia jazz unit)
Mystic Out Bop Review = (stellar local free improv 3 piece)

Wednesday August 19th 2009
Caethua = (Belfast (Maine) folk spires)
Cave Bears = (ever shifting A.V. soup makers)
Glade Swope = (Portland D.I.Y. metal God)
Twilight People = (an experiment(al) in sound and space, Portland)
Patter Cubs = ("Patter like 'pitter patter', cubs like 'Chicago Cubs'")

Friday September 4th 2009 8pm
Mystery? = (highly mysterious "space rock")
Turn Down Day = (formerly Modern Syndrome "ROCK rock")

Saturday October 3rd 2009
Princess Iron Fan = (Montville via Asheville improvisationville)
Matt Weston + id m theft able = (incredible percussion improviser/scatterer meet local drizzling artisan, both solo and duo)

Friday October 23rd 2009
Britta Pejic = (songs about giant onions in Casco Bay, and more!)
Dan Knudsen = (songs about Creatures, Beaches, Brittons,
Glade Swope (songs about third eyes, time travelling, seas of tears, et c.)

Friday October 30th 2009 8pm
an evening of "costumed covers", featuring
strawberry allstars
Dan Knudsen
id m theft able

a band that is not Mystery?
Turn Down Day
and Garm

Friday November 6th 2009 8pm
Dr. Bendenstein = (bent electronics from Denmark, ME)
3D Jet Scooter = (Janane, Scooter, and id m theft able + + + Shea)
Living Things = ("They work with improvised and composed material that integrates performative/theatrical action in a musical setting.")

Thursday November 19th 2009 8pm
Tempera = (Portland supersonic high five drone)
Jon Eriksen = (from New Haven, CT via Norway,
Sten Ove Toft = (noise/drone from Oslo, Norway,
DIOS_Project = (Portland noise(s) krrschts, et c.)

Saturday November 21st 2009 8pm
QFWFQ Duo = (amazing sound, amazing visuals from Salem, MA)
a quartet of Jack Wright (Sax), Kit Demos (bass), Kevin Frenette (Guitar/Elecrtonics), John Mclellan (Drums)
Frank Turek performing the debut of "Ox", a composition for saxophone by Shea Mowat
id m theft able will perform another composition by Shea Mowat called "Evoker"
+ maybe more Shea action

Saturday December 19th 2009 8pm
Thithy Bwown = (two guitars and a bongo? is that what Pat said?)
id m theft able = ("Baby One More Time" is ten years old...)
Offset Needle Radius = (Kittery minimalism)
Walter Wright + Kit Demos + "Satan" = (analog electronics, hats)

Saturday December 26th 2009 8pm
Glade Swope = (three eyed progressive metal)
Turn Down Day = (six eyed rock hyrdra)
Dan Knudsen = (Dan says "it wouldn't be Christmas at Strange Maine without the Dan Knudsen Christmas concert", and I agree)

Wednesday January 6th 2010
Brass Window Books presents a "Book Release, Reading, and Signing" in regards to two new books: "The Red Dance" by Lani K. Thompson and "Prayers For Nothing" by C.S. Thompson. "New books that push the boundaries of mind, matter, and myth"

Friday January 8th 2010 8pm
Wouter Jaspers = (Dark Drones from the Netherlands)
Bram Stadhouders = (Free Jazz from the Netherlands)
Bas Verbeek = (Noise Performances from the Netherlands)
Mystic Out Bop Review = (free portals)
Mr. Chris and the Instant Animals = (featuring members of Turn Down Day, Dragondrums, MYSTERY?)

Thursday January 14th 2010 8pm
Isa Christ = (brooklyn, ny)
Cruudeuces = (Ghettotech, from North Adams, MA)
Scooter + id = (Tahp?)
Dr. Bendenstein = (bent electronics from Denmark, ME)

Saturday February 20th 2010 8pm
Mr. Chris and the Instant Animals

Friday March 19th 2010 8pm
B.R. Garm = (transdimensional transdermal rocker from Clinton, ME)
Glade Swope = (intro and outrospective one man prog-metal, Portland)
Dan Knudsen = (kickboxing instructor and folk singer, Portland)
BreadRose = ( from Bangor, Maine "the union of three musicians who share a yearning to reach beyond the dominant order(s) in music")

Friday March 26th 2010 8pm
Niao = (synths and tribes, New York)
Spiral Bodies = (cult leader freak-folk-isms, New York)
Endless Caverns = (New act from the L'animaux Tryst Field Recordings crew)

Thursday April 15th 2010 8pm
Spike = (free sax, or, was'hegonna do?)
ib m theft adle and Johan Tore Nystrom duo = (no comment)
Johan Tore Nystrom = (improvising percussionist)
Twilight People = (Portland ???lingders?)

Saturday April 24th 2010 8pm
KVIK = (Kvikalicious extravaganza from Montreal)
Grkzgl + Wapstan = (Montreal tape noise duo)
Crank Sturgeon = (Evil Spock fish sticks, from the Rivah)
The DIOS Project = (duel Portland noise krsshticity)

Saturday May 8th 2010 8pm
Main Fader = ("new age beat oriented zonking out")
Mouse Queen = ("just tape destruction evolving into broken toy beat slumberdome")
Marc Bisson + Josh Baker duo = (guitar and amplified bike wheel)
Mr. Chris and the Instant Animals = (Portland psych extentions, Chris from Turn Down Day)

Wednesday May 19th 2010 8pm
Maria Chavez = (avant turntablist from brooklyn)
Seeded Plain = ("confrontational gamelan theatre"...whoa)
Reed Altemus = (Portland's Fluxus action man, actualizing Fluxus pieces)
Mystic Out Bop Review = (Portland free improvisensationalist treaties)
id m theft able = (just to be annoying)

Saturday May 22nd 2010
Tempera = (psych drone pie, Portland)
Easy Street = (a VT spasm?)
Sam Gas Can = (sound, Worcester, MA!)
Skeet Shooting = (Windham, ME Avant-Hip-Hop-Academic-Tape-Concrete-Booty, id m + Livenhood)

Friday June 18th 2010 8pm
Thithy Bwown = (Clog n' co)
Old Man Forest = (Lewiston folk and ??? trio)
Dan Knudsen = (only known local folk singer with 2 "best of" albums!)
Glade Swope = (Local Metal Mystic!)

Saturday June 26th 2010
Myo = (self taught hacker, computer musician and electro-acoustic improviser, washington DC)
Jeff Carey = (experimental electronics from Washington DC) The Claudia Laguardia Experience = ("We will be 4 or 5 people playing acoustic guitars, all in different keys and in different tempos, and different melodies of each other")
Peeling Revealing

Friday July 2nd 2010 8pm
B.J. Snowden = (famed singer/songwriter and Canada enthusiast)
The Gloaming = (featuring "strawberry allstars" Jonathan!)
Gay Camp = (appeared in the bottom of the ninth)

Thursday July 8th 2010 8pm
Altered States
Mr. Chris and the Instant Animals = (Portland psych extentions, Chris of Turn Down Day/Modern Syndrome fame)

Sunday July 11th 2010 8pm
Regopsphere = ()
Lavas Magmas = ()
The DIOS Project = (duel Portland noise krsshticity)
Scooter & id

Wednesday July 28th 2010
Crank Sturgeon = (manfish loin strummer, Harpswell)
CrowscareCrow = (Noshun + AdamB duo, presumably hip hop flavored, but i dunno.., Portland)
Lord of the Yum Yum = (Chicago, "Experimental / Comedy / A'cappella")

Wednesday August 11th 2010 8pm
Reed Altemus = (Fluxus Maine)
Sarah Halpern + Matt Wellins = (Live film manipulation and homemade analog electronics)
Burnout Warcry = (Pittsburgh, Psychedelic / Experimental / Other)
id m theft able = (again)

Sunday August 22nd 2010 8pm
Rythem Method = (trance jazz?)
Joshua DeScherer = (upright bassist actualizing modern copositions)
Prehistoric Horse = ("is a new music/noise/improv trio from NYC - the sound is a mashup of Paal Nilssen-Love/Han Bennink drumming with Fred Frith/Sonic Youth guitars + electronics and Bach/Britten/Bi-polar disorder cello.")

Saturday August 28th 2010 8pm
Bird Organ = (Manchester NH's foremost avant Bird innards)
Mystic Out Bop Review
Ken Silverman = (Guitar) + Lex Samu = (Trumpet) + John McLellen = (Drums)

Friday September 3rd 2010
Endless Caverns
= (cursillstas/herbcraft etc.)
Isa Christ = (Brooklyn noise)
Kyle Clyde = (Brooklyn noise)
Hott Tubb = (philly)

Sunday September 12th 2010 8pm
Sterile Garden = (Colorado Noise)
Crank Sturgeon = (to know, know, know him, is to fish, fish...)
Twilight People = (Portland something or other something something)
Thithy Bwown = (will play early, and heartily!)
This show was mooved to the Apohadion!

Friday September 17th 2010 8pm
Dan Knudsen
presents "Dan-a-palooza", a gathering of local musicians covering Dan K songs.
Dan also celebrates the 10th anniversary of his album "Sunsong" by performing it in its entirety.

Saturday October 16th 2010 8pm
Spike = (Spike!)
Skinny Vinny = (Boston free improv splatter)
Loup-Garou = (Lowell, MA free improv splatter)
Mystic Out Bop Review< = (Portland, Me free improv splatter)

Saturday October 23rd 2010 8pm
Matt Weston = (fantasmagorically excellent percussionist, from Albany....)
Matt Weston + id m theft able = (...dueting with the Strange Maine cashier)
Not the Wind, Not The Flag = (Toronto free psych/improv)
Glade Swope = (Portland progressive metal lord)

Friday December 4th 2010 8pm
if-not-I-than-who-then (North Carolina shouter outter)
Mystic Out-Bop Review (alchemical vanilla swirl)
Reed Altemus (Fluxus capacities)
Sequoia (trees, Brunswick)
Crank Sturgeon (a fish out of troubled water)

Friday December 17th 2010 8pm
Glade Swope = (Magic Metal Master)
Dan Knudsen = (Folk)
Whitney Walker = (Dan's friend)

Wednesday January 5th 2011 8pm
Christian Pincock = (from New Mexico, "performs improvised and composed music on valve trombone")
Dylan Palme = (sound artiste from Denmark, ME)
Tom Kovacevic = (South Portland.... Fire on Fire, Tarpigh, et c.!)

Sunday January 23rd 2011 8pm
Wumme (formerly Altered States, great Chicago synth/drum duo)
Tempera (Portland psych drone outfit)
Mr. Chris and the Instant Animals
Mystic Out-Bop Review + i'd m thfft able = (portlandsuperquartet)
Crank Sturgeon = (host avec le most)

Friday February 4th 2011 8:30pm
Crank Sturgeon and
Reed Altemus and
i'd m thfft able
all actualizing fluxus compositions by
Matt Taggart/PCRV
Gary Manners
WHILE THE STORE REMAINS OPEN.....on your "First Friday")

Sunday February 20th 2011 8pm
HAG = (bass/trumpet/percuss free improv ex 1 ex 2)
Andrea Pensado = (Salem, MA Sound artist, solo, and dueting with i'd m thfft able)
Mystic Out-Bop Review = (Portland's free improvvvvvv masters)

Saturday February 26th 2011 8pm
Pak = (Providence, tape manipules)
Noise Nomads = (Western Mass, noise....nomad)
Crank Sturgeon = (Crank Sturgeon!)
Kent = (from AM Frank, Visitations, Special Ed., Skeet Shooters, Skeet Shooting et c.)
+ maybe more

Friday March 25th 2011
Hyena = (Kennebunk psych folk?)
Dan Knudsen = ("the only local folk singer with 2 greatest hits albums")
Glade Swope = ("Modern technology meet the passion of the romantic era")

Friday April 15th 2011
Killick = (great Athens, GA stringed improviser)
Shonny Baby Cry cry = (will do something)
Offset Needle Radius = (Bike wheels or ??? , from Kittery wif love)

Saturday April 16th 2011 8pm
Solace Media Corporation Tourists = (Cincinnati, OH....solace)
Twilight People = (reckless illuminators, Portland, ME)
Skeet Shooters (i'd m + Kent + Jet, booty concret...Portland)
Bird Organ + Greg Kowalski (Bird Organ free improv freak out with beautiful visual by Greg)

Saturday April 23rd 2011 8pm
Swirm = (Trumpet, Vocal, improv, good!)
Kit Demos + Alonzo Holliday Duo = (A Chicoless Mystic Out Bop Review)
i'd m thfft able + Joshua DeScherer = (vox + bass or ??? duo)
Morgan Evans-Weiler = (violin + electronics, Boston)

Wednesday May 25th 2011 8pm
Childe Bride = (experimental electronics, Baltimore)
Jenny Graf = (of Metalux, Baltimore)
Berglind Agustsdottir = (electrowha? beats n' no beats, from Berlin(?))
top news/most recent = (what oh what is Nick from Tempera up to with someone named "Daniel")
i'd m thfft able = (airman)

Thursday June 9th 2011 8pm
Hyena = (Kennebunk psych again)
Reed Altemus = (Fluxus Action Man)

Saturday June 11th 2011 8pm
Dan Knudsen = (will stop the cops)
Under Some Bridges = (Karl)
Astro Al =
Glade Swope = (will rise above)

Friday June 17th 2011 8pm
Ryley Walker and Daniel Bachman = (Fredericksburg/Chicago something!)
(MC)² = (Gainesville, FL... michael collins from prince rama)
Veedon Fleece = (Seattle, WA)
R. Franklin & M. Lajoie = (someone and Mr. Cursillistas/Herbcraft)

Sunday July 17th 2011
Lord of the Yum Yum = (Chicago, "Experimental / Comedy / A'cappella")
Twilight People = (something about earwig removal)
Mystic Out Bop Review = (free,portland)
Crank Sturgeon = (meditative chest hair counting)

Sunday July 24th 2011
Jay Kreimer = (of Seeded Plain, Mightly Vitamins...fantastic DIY instrument builder, Nebraska!)
Crank Strugeon + i'd m thfft able duo = (heeey, how come Crank gets to play twice in a row??!?!)
A Video Nasty = (a Livenhood/Evans joint, banned in Britain)

Wednesday, July 27th 2011
Prisma = (Iele Tree comes back to haunt)
Garm & Kent = (an intimate evening with this intimate singer-songwriter duo)
Tom Kovacevic = (Tarpigh/Fire on Fire et c.)

Saturday July 30th 2011
Wume = (Chicago; "Our music is an experiment in transcendence and rhythm.")
Glade Swope = (mystic one man prog metal)
Jason Anastasoff = (improvising bassist, NYC)
Anti Friend Hut = (Crank Sturgeon, Clog Wornago, Gaylord Pasternak tree house!)
Skeet Shooters = (duo form, Livenscheisse + Spearhausen)

Friday August 5th 2011
Herbcraft = (Ashram to the Stars, deep psych)
Aswara = (former Death Chants, Time Lag Recordians, North Carolina)
As Yet Unknown Chris DiRocco Related Project = (????)

Thursday August 11th 2011 8pm
Nathaniel Morgan (alto sax) + Weston Minissali (synth) + David Grollman (snare) = Yolt
C. Lavender = (NYC sound(s))
L.G.A.S.M. = (3 of 5)

Sunday August 21st 2011 8pm
Cave Bears = ("They are perhaps only comparable to the Sun City Girls for the scope of their catalog")
Garm/Moses Gunn duo

Thursday September 1st 2011 8pm
Killick = (great Athens, GA stringed improviser)
Tom Kovacevic = (Oud, man)

Sunday September 11th 2011 8pm
Tatsuya Nakatani = (astonishing improvising percussionist)
Mystic Out Bop Review = (free,portland)
i'd m thfft able = (magic stick seek)
Spike = (multiinstrsaxguitarflutevox man)

Friday September 16th 2011 8pm
local performers covering the music of Dan Knudsen
also, performing their own material will be
Glade Swope and Dan Knudsen

Sunday September 18th 2011 8pm
Tom Hamilton = (analog synth and !!!, NYC)
Al Margolis = (if, bwana, Pogus, et c., NYC)
Subversive Intentions = (Brunswick, ME noise alloy)
i'd m thfft able/If, Bwana/Tom Hamilton trio = (reprise)
Sunshine Soldier = (Trumpet/Guitar/Drums)

Saturday September 24th 2011 8pm
Andrea-Jane Cornell = (textures textures textures, Montreal)
Aaron Rosenblum = ("I might pull out the folk jamming or the violin droning or who knows what, Lord?")
Choir Required The Peeling Revealing = (grupo, i'd m)
Kathleen Byrons = (Birdorgan secrets not Birdorgan)

Saturday October 15th 2011
Matt Weston = (great Albany percussionist, solo and a duo with i'd m thfft able)
Twilight People = (reckless Portland illuminators)
Video Nasties = (Garm + Kent)

Friday October 28th 2011
Tempera(?), Video Nasties, Chris DiRocco, Glade Swope, Mouth Washington, Turn Down Day all performed

Friday December 16th 2011
LGASM = (avant-cock-sorta-rock)
Dan Knudsen = (Danish Knight/folk singer)
Glade Swope = (three eyed prog metal mystic)

Sunday January 1st 2012
Lexie Mountain = (Baltimore, Vox)
Altered Gee = (Grease, Portland)
i'd m thfft able = (32)
Video Nasties

Friday January 6th 2012
THE THREE CALEB'S SHOW featuring....
Caleb Aul Kerin = (not sure if he's "Big" or "Blood")
Caleb Art Koulthard = (not sure if he's "Down" or "To" or "Kill")
Cal(eb) Allen Klark = (masseuse)

February 16th 2012 8pm
Janane Tripp = (jet ski)
B.R. Garm = (skateboard)
Kent = (hoverboard + shades)
all performing solo, and together as Visitations

Friday February 24th 2012 8pm
the comedy of Reid Urban
Inside The Stats

Sunday March 18th 2012 8pm
Janane Tripp = ("a frizzled feather")
Lucia Santos = ("cloud music")
Soft Touch with Yeast Witch = ("songs of blood and water")
Asian Mae = (Colleen!)

Friday March 23rd 2012 8pm
Dan Knudsen
Glade Swope

Friday April 20th 2012 8pm
Ninni Morgia & Silvia Kastel = (Italy: voice, beats, synth, guitar)
Licker = (John from Pengo, Rochester, NY)
Andrea Pensado + i'd m thfft able duo = ( !!!!! )
Crank Sturgeon = (longest violinist)

Saturday April 21st 2012 8pm
Herbcraft = (Peyote Disco Trails)
Tracey Trance = ("organ nomad cotton candy hallucinations)
Janane Tripp = (Ms. Limington 1997-9, 2001)

Sunday April 29th 2012 8pm
MV + EE = (Vermont pizza lovers)
Kent = (bard)

Thursday May 3rd 2012 8pm
Yek Koo = (guitar, voice, LA)
L.A. Lakers = (New Zealand: "It’s not really drone – there’s way too much movement for that.")
Mystic Out Bop Review = (free sneezes, slapped pizzas, Mainers)
3D Jet = (i'd m thfft able + Janane, also Mainers)

Saturday May 26th 2012 8pm
Altered Gee = (a weepy alternative to elegance, PORTLAND!)
Endless Caverns = (sensei deprivation, PORTLAND!)
Flesh Haus = ("we like to say we are Cauldrone", New Hampshire!)
Karnak Temples = (in a din of light!)

Sunday June 10th 2012 8pm
Belltonesuicide = (Western Mass nnnnnoiseeeeessss)
Christopher}{Cathode = (Lewiston embalmer)
Twilight People = ("create works of reckless illumination" Portland)
Subversive Intentions = (Topsham percuss/noise w/occasional nudity)

Saturday June 16th 2012 8pm
Dan Knudsen = (F.O.L.K. in the USA)
Holy Shadow = (acoustic whaa?)
Glade Swope = (To Then and Back)

Sunday June 24th 2012
Mystic Out Bop Review = (the form most)
Reed Altemus = (Fluxus Maine)

Saturday July 14th 2012 8pm
Tom Kovacevic = (Oud! Fire on Fire/Tarpigh/y'know, Tom K!)
Valerie Kuehne = (cello, vox, !?!?, NYC)
Joey Molinaro = (thrash violin, NYC)
Arkm Foam + i'd m thfft able duo = (Boston foams, Maine moans)

Saturday July 28th 2012
Peter J. Woods = (Milwaukee noise, voice, electronics....)
Lucky Bone
Grau Garten = (NH/MASS birdorgan/duck that affiliate)
Computer At Sea = (Galen, bender, mender, I guess sort of a wizard?)

Thursday August 2nd 2012
Ilza = (electronics + ?????)
Fire Death = (percussion and krrrsssht)
i'd m thfft able = (again)

Wednesday August 8th 2012
Belltonesuicide + Cruudeuces duo (Mass on Mass crime)
Fossils = (Ontarian remnants)
Sequoia and Nick = (Sequoia + Nick (of Subversive Intentions)!)

Thursday September 6th 2012
Killick = (Killick!)
Sequoia = (Clarinet? Noise? Brunswick?)
Twilight People =
Reed Altemus = (Fluxus Maine)

Wednesday September 12th 2012
Herbcraft = (Herbal Essences, maps of Windham....)
Kevin Greenspon = (".....blends ambient, electronic, drone, field recording and harsh noise composition into short songs")
Guarm = ("emerging new artist tape release show", but come on, you know that's "Garm", right?)

Friday September 21st 2012
Dan Knudsen
Names Divine
Glade Swope

Saturday October 6th 2012
Matt Weston = (Albany, improvising percussionist)
Killick = (Killick! strings!)
Frank Turek = ("as himself")
Matt Weston + Killick + i'd m thfft able + Frank Turek 4tet

Saturday October 20th 2012
Altered Gee = (ethnic fail)
Farewell My Concubine = (Western MA? Synths? Wha?)
Horsebladder = (Western MA? Synths? Wha?)

Thursday October 25th 2012
Crank Sturgeon = (returns to show off his Romney Care)
Sathonay = (France!)
Benb + Sequoyah = (Brunswick, clarinet/noise/drums/free)

Saturday October 27th 2012
B.R. Garm = (as Don Matingly)
Daniel Bachman = (Philly finger picking)
Greg Jamie = (axesIIoaks)

Sunday October 28th 2012
Lucia Santos = (????)
Jill Burton = ("is an extended vocalist and movement artist")
Hammer of Hathor = ("real minimal improvisation music these days")
i'd m thfft able

Saturday November 24th 2012
Dromez = ("harsh noise+shrill screams+cool lights")
Twilight People = (pilgrims)
Walter Wright + Andrea Pensado = (escaped convicts from Massachusetts)
Reed Altemus

Saturday December 22nd 2012
Dan Knudsen = (A minister of faith)
Glade Swope = (three eyed mystic metal warrior)

Friday January 4th 2013
Reed Altemus = (lap steel or what?wheel)
Crank Sturgeon = (home for the holidays)
Flandrew Flesienberg + i'd m thfft able = (voice, percussion, window, changes)

Saturday February 16th 2013
Altered Gee = (this is their record release show)
Video Nasties = (like Video Pasties, only structured)

Friday March 1st 2013
Greg Murphy = (.....painter?)

Sunday March 24th 2013
Silent Isle = (They're a sweet psychy noisy rocky duo.")
Lea Bertucci = (tape collages and Bass Clarinet shredding, NYC)
i'd m thfft able = (huff/puff)
Sterling Black = ("pedals, guitar, synth")
Benb + Sequoyah = (percussion, clarinet, krrschy)

Friday March 29th 2013
Dan Knudsen
Glade Swope

Saturday April 20th 2013 8pm
Tempera = (ooooooooooo, ME)
Glochids = ("Succulent field researcher, gamelan experimentalist, cross country cyclist, and bricoleur extraordinaire")
Arkm Foam = (Boston smoosh/pusher)
Kit Demos + Frank Turek as "√-1" and Walter Wright too! = (Mystic, Out, some bop, some review, some Walter)

Friday April 26th 2013 8pm
Herbcraft = (Herbal essences/Highland Lake RPG)
Video Nasties = (90's Home Vision Video lechers)
Samara Lubelski = (of Chelsea Light Moving, et c. et c.)

Wednesday June 5th 2013 8pm
PEWTR = (Ron from Sunburned Hand of the Man)
Waco Sparkler = ("a digilogue sensory meditative stimulus package")
Borogarm the Pater = (Garm is gidsguise)

Thursday July 4th 2013 8pm
Barn Owl = (the Western Mass, Barn Owl: true freedom Rock)
i'd m thfft able = (Mr. Dollops of ___?)
Frank Turek + Reed Altemus = (Portland all star twosome)
Shea Mowat

Saturday July 13th 2013 8pm
Glade Swope
Dan Knudsen

Friday July 19th 2013 8pm
Arago's Wheel = (from France!)
Blister (Lucio Menegon: Guitar, David Grollman: frictions, moments)
Rare Storms = (Portland, ME noise(s))
The Asthmatic = (Sigrid!)

Thursday August 1st 2013
Crazed = ("dark-rhythmic-hypnotic-atonal synthesizer music")
Olivia Neutron-John = ("aggressive bedroom pop, bubble bobble" from LA)
Synthetiv Vision = (synth, vision, Portland ME)
Bunda Love = (Mike Pride + i'd m thfft able)
Kent = (of Video Nasties, Visitations, Special Ed, et c.)

Saturday October 19th 2013
Zach Higgins
"Savage" Sam Anderson
Christopher Pulsoni
BR Garm
Resurgam records showcase

Saturday November 2nd 2013 8pm
The Asthmatic = (Sigrid!)
Glade Swope = (m e t a l)
Ceasar Odulio = ()
Dan Knudsen = (f o l k)

Sunday November 3rd 2013 8pm
Matt Weston
Mystic Out Bop Review = (southern Maine's longest tenured free improv trio)
Aimee Norwich + Ian Cook = (Bass and percussion)

Sunday November 17th 2013 8pm
Jaap Blonk = (world renowned Dutch sound poet)
i'd m thfft able = (Maine, futuristic rapper)
Reed Altemus + Frank Turek = (prepared lap steel and wind)
i'd m thfft able + Jaap Blonk duo

Thursday November 21st 2013 8pm
Tashi Dorji
Subversive Intentions
Asa Irons
khleb 1917.215

Friday November 29th 2013 8pm
Juice Machine = (Oregon noise juicers)
Yours Truly, Jane Palmer
Poor Elements = (harsh noise wallz, central Maine)
Martin Chartrand

January 4th 2014
Glade Swope
Dan Knudsen

Saturday March 1st 2014 8pm
Remy Brecht
Rare Storms = (Portland, ME noise(s))
Walter Wright, Marc Bisson, Kit Demos trio = (synth, electronics, guitar, bass? avant New England)

Friday April 11th 2014 7pm <--early start
DV-i = (NYC, sparkling nanotech synth utopiae)
Synthetiv Vision = (synth sung)
Video Nasties = (two sailors)
Urarider = (details pending)

Saturday May 10th 2014 8pm
Lace = (NY)
Lust Highway = (Gary Meres ex-Batshelter)
Erroraeon vs. Scrotal Tear = (ME, noise)
i'd m thfft able = (bad babysitter)

Wednesday May 21st 2014 8pm
Ben Bennett = (makes drums out of squirrels)
Catamarangutan = ("It'll probably be some half improvised voice, guitar and mandolin")
khleb 1917.215 = (Benb + Sequoyah)
Frank Turek + Reed Altemus = (Maine state song)

Friday June 27th 2014
"Strange Movie Night:
Video Musties will provide live accompaniment for a Super8mm projection of Jeff Lieberman's "Squirm", Waco Sparkler will also make a theatrical performance. Chaz will present "wizard's" c.e.d. or "selecta vision" version of uli lommel's the boogeyman. As a bonus one of Sascha Braunig's rare 'Squirmations' will be viewed, and in addition an avant work of skot spear's will be unspooling in the corner. due to the graphic nature of these programs, those with weak constitutions and the pregnant are advised to stay at home rather than attend"

Wednesday July 23rd 2014
K.B.D. = (avant improv from Ohio)
Lak + Wright duo = (avant improv, Lowell, MA!)
Grant Money = (!)
3D Scooter = (no jet)

September 3rd 2014
Janane Tripp
Dan Knudsen
Video Nasties
i'd m thfft able

December 28th 2014
Dan Knudsen
Mercury + Brendan

Friday May 8th 2015 8pm
Skinny Vinny (with and without guest i'd m thfft able)

Thusday May 28th 2015 8pm
Buffalo MRI = (Canadian tape work)
Tarpit = (Michiganian work work)
The Asthmatic = (!)
3D Jet Scooter = (Janane Tripp, i'd m thfft able, + Scooter)

Saturday, July 18th 2015, 8pm
Dan Knudsen

Wednesday July 29th 2015
Muyassar Kurdi = ( maybe or maybe {Improvising vocalist from Chicago]}))
Tom Kovacevic = (Oud, song, Tom)
The Spookspottahs = (from Windham, Maine)
Quinnisa & the Cankers

Saturday, September 5th 2015 7:15pm
Fragile Clark
Psychic Pictionary
Janane Tripp
JA Lazer

Saturday, October 24th 2015
Tom Carter
Carter Thornton
Stephen King's Graveyard Shift

Saturday December 19th 2015
Dan Knudsen
Glade Swope

This is the 13th annual Dan Knudsen Strange Maine Christmas

Saturday, April 23rd 2016
Preggy Peggy & the Lazy Baby Makers = (Angela Sawyer!)
The Asthmatic = (Sigrid!)
3D Scooter = (no jet)

Wednesday, May 11th 2016
Piss Kills Mold = (noise synth, Baltimore (audio))
Will Schorre = (noise synth, Baltimore (audio))
Sterile Garden = (industrial noise, Portland ME)
Sequoyah Leaf = (Noise clarinet, Portland ME)

Saturday, May 14th 2016
Pretend it Didn't Happen = (Valerie Kuehne, Lorene Bouboushian. Kaia Gilje)
id m theft able = (yep)
Rare Storms = ("Synthesis, noise,broken loops, restrained melodies.Rare Storms is the project of Patrick Carey.")

Saturday, May 28th 2016
C.J. Boyd = ("Bassist/composer CJ Boyd uses bass, voice, and loops in order to try and stop time")
Dan Knudsen = (Local folk superhero)
Ursidae = (Drones, field recordings, Portland, ME)
Morgan Lindenschmidt = (Morgan!)

Saturday, July 9th 2016 8pm
Morgan Tindall = ("can I put a microphone outside the store?" Portland, ME)
Greef = (Pete from Ada/Butcher Boy, you know....)