So you want to book a show at Strange Maine?
here's what to do:

We're not booking nearly as many shows these days, but if you want to give us a shot give a call to the store (1-207-771-9997) or via e-mail

If you send an e-mail, please include as much information about your project as possible, i.e. links to band websites, recordings of what you do, bios, or absolutely any information that will help us understand whether your act would be right for the store, and, should we decide to do the show, promote what you do. Please make sure to read this entire page before writing us an e-mail: there are many, many types of music and performance we are unable (or uninterested) in hosting at the shop. If you don't have e-mail or a "web presence", calling up and explaining it over the phone, or walking in off the street and explaining first hand should both do the trick. DO NOT add us to your mailing lists, DO NOT add us to your web site that lists of places to perform in Portland, our last e-mail address was so overwhelmed with e-mails from these kinds of entities that we had to abandon it and get a new e-mail account. Again, please DO NOT add us to your e-mail list.

What we're looking for
Due to volume and space concerns we cannot generally host traditional rock bands, or bands that use loud rock drums, so if you are in such a band, we will most likely be unable to help you. We try to host acts that would not easily fit in elsewhere in Portland...........we've had many successful shows featuring a wide variety of experimental/noise/free improvisation/performance art/fluxus/free jazz/"outsider"/psych-folk/regular folk/electronic/drone/quiter-diy-song-based-acts/book readings and signings/poetry readings......... and so on, but yer funk band will probably be too loud for us, your death metal band will probably have to seek a show elsewhere. We are, however, open to any ideas you may have. Please e-mail or call with any suggestions/questions.

The Space
Strange Maine is a VERY SMALL performance venue, that is, in its normal mode, a smallish book/movies/music/art/whatever store. Our maximum capacity is probably somewhere between 50 and 60 people, and we've only ever drawn crowds that big maybe 5 times at most. Attendance is often light and tends to be between 10-25 people. Don't expect a massive audience.

Strange Maine events are free to the public, but donations are suggested, we "pass the cup around" and collect what we can for the travelling artists. Sometimes it's a lot, sometimes it's not, and because of this, we are unable to make any financial guarantees. We generally are unable to pay the local supporting acts.

We have a very small P.A. in the store (though, as of this writing, one of the speakers is blown) and one amplifier. Generally, we keep no microphones or mic stands at the store, but if you're coming to play at Strange Maine and require these, or any other pieces of equipment, please write in advance and we will attempt to arrange to get the proper equipment for you.

Volume Concerns
Though Strange Maine would love to be able to host every act that comes to town, there are, unfortunately, volume concerns. We aim to put on these performances without upsetting our neighbors (apartments above, other businesses on either side), and thus, we often have to turn louder bands away. Loud rock bands with loud drummers have gotten us into trouble in the past, and thus, most such bands are told to seek performances elsewhere. If you're in a project that can be somewhat volume flexible (which absolutely does not mean having to play at a whisper volume, far from it, things simply can't get super-duper-rock-concert-loud), then we'll likely welcome you. We've done plenty of loudish noise/drone/experimental/folk/jazz/improv/whatever acts without any incident......but if you're a punk/hardcore/metal band, or something of similar volumatic girth, we'll likely have to say no. Unless you wanna play 'unplugged'.

if you have any other questions, call ( 1 207 771 9997 ) or e-mail (