residual mange 1998 yip yip


-july 2nd 1998:

fred frith: balance

elliot carter: enchanted preludes

glenn branca: bad smells

matthew shipp trio: circular temple #4

frank zappa: 'the talking asshole' (from 'naked lunch')

post prandials: the loves and magic parabola of dr. deleterious

miranda july: medical wonder

thurston moore/ tom surgal/ william winant: piece for jetsun dolma

labradford: c

fast forward: simultaneous music

sonic youth: snare, girl

john cage: daughters of the lonesome isle

einsturzende neubauten: bildbeschreibung

flaming lips: love yer brain

-july 16th 1998:

i.m.f.: domestic automata (semi-improv)

a.t.: piano piece 6/98

glenn branca: symphony 6, movement 6

nels cline trio: power ballad for woodward

a.t./i.m.f.:(labeled simply 'a shitty improv' on the playlist)

david dunn: tabula angelorum bonorum

tori amos: horses/beauty queen

kraftwerk: heimatklange

matthew shipp quartet: piano pyramid

2 live crew: capt. dick and dolemite

glenn branca: symphony 2, movement 4

matthew shipp quartet: points number two

vanilla ice: play that funky music

joeseph lamb: nightingale rag

kraftwerk: tonebirge

nels cline trio: the gamine

jelly roll morton: frog-i-more rag

-july 23rd 1998:

i.m.f.: die umgebung (pre recorded)

anthony braxton: composition no. 100

arcane device: a tin tear drop

i.m.f.: a tribute to ives and the flow (live improv)

robert goulet: softly, as i leave you

knob: can we share?

pink floyd: sysyphus

harry partch: the dreamer that remains

james tenney: fabric for che`

art bears: freedom

doctor nerve: mink shadows

secret chiefs 3: renunciation

univers zero: triomphe des mouches

anton webern/ j.s. bach: fuga (recercata)

lou harrison: la koro sutra, strofo 7

anthony braxton: composition no. 96

neil sedaka: calendar girl

-july 30th 1998:

i.m.f.: a girl whose thoughts are colorful clouds (on air improv/collage)

jackson mac low: phoneme dance in memorianto john cage

jim o'rourke: cede

jim horton: rave patterns

karlheinz stockhausen: fais voile vers le soleil

znr: editoun especialo d`uno griho de jardin

black sabbath: sabbath bloody sabbath

henry cow: on the raft

henry cow: falling away

matthew shipp trio: circular temple #2

miles davis: moon dreams

-august 6th 1998:

john coltrane: seraphic light

john etnier: cradle

sonic youth: ghost bitch

arnold schoenberg: verklarte nacht (fourth movement)

disque 9: the seduction

merzbow: native american

david keane: wervelwind

borah bergman: red shadows

hildegard westerkamp: cricket voice

chris brown: hot lunch

annea lockwood: nautilus

glenn branca: symphony 8, movement 1

miniature: jersey devil

new klezmer trio: the haunt

gary numan: airplane

art of noise: camilla

helium: wanna be a vampire to baby

jackson mac low: 1st milarepa

disque 9: the intermission

helium: xxx

john philip sousa: national emblem

merzbow: creeper

jackson mac low: milarepa quartet for four like instruments

disque 9: the curtain call and the laughter in the wings

art of noise: opus for four

lull: moments (excerpt)

dick the table: seven septic sailors

august 13th 1998:

i.m.f.: atrophy symphony, movement three (7 dice = 23)/ fade into collage

knob: side a of the cassette that came with the "retread" album

larry polansky: in the begining

robert fripp: radiophonic I

tribes of neurot and walking time bombs: unspoken path

jim o'rourke: terminal pharmacy

edgard varese: hyperprism

exquisite corpses from p.s. 122: duet seeds

frank zappa: nasal aviation in art?

gastr del sol: mirror repair

biota: walk aside

bern porter: the last acts of st. fuck you

arnold schoenberg: the dandy (from pierrot lunaire)

tribes of neurot and walking time bombs: origin unknown

jerry hunt: babalon (string)

frank zappa: for the young sophisticate

august 20th 1998:

i.m.f.: "constant and annoying review" (live collage)

merzbow: iron, glass, blocks, and white lights

namanax: tomb of the seagull

john cage: imaginary landscape no. 1

merzbow: degradation of  tapes

myra melford and han bennink: another mess

matthew shipp trio: zt 1

john cage: imaginary landscape no. 2

matthew shipp trio: zt 2

john cage: imaginary landscape no. 3

matthew shipp trio: zt 3

john cage: imaginary landscape no. 4

oval: vitra desk

myra melford and han bennink: maple leaf rag

john zorn: contact

namanax: the giggling winds

mike patton: ford mustang

matthew shipp trio: the new fact

listened to lynyrd skynyrd on the ride home

august 27th 1998:

i.m.f.: too much at once (improv/collage)

negativland: time

panasonic: elephants memory remix

casper brotzmann/ page hamilton: hit single

casper brotzman/ page hamilton: dream habit

bill horist: shadow of vestibule

heaven deconstruction: under

intonarumi: layer parallelism

larry kucharz: 1988 no.9

lee ranaldo: fuzz/locusts

shipping news: steerage

wheaton tiers: spring training

straphangers art ensemble: straphangers ball improvisation (track 1)

julian priester/ sam rivers: heads of the people

guy klucevsek: loosening up the queen

stereolab: cybele's revenge

september 3rd 1998:

i.m.f./r.c.: a nameless audio collage that just did not come together

experimental audio research: digitana

june of 44: boom

meet me in the wasteland: tsunami

brxtnle: bullet leveller

bill horist: the teeth of our skin part 2

windy and carl: depths

paul dresher: underground

john zorn: variations on a theme by albert ayler

yoko ono/ john lennon: two virgins side one

a spontaneous and some what random audio collage consisting of the music of

brxtnle, bill horist, beethoven, coolio, mars acclerator, download amungst others

and featuring r.c. who was off in the other room improving with my keyboard and an effects processor

and being broadcast as part of the collage unbeknownst to him........

velvet underground: im sticking with you

september 10th 1998:

sir edward elgar: pomp and circumstance (march 1)

i.m.f.: 13th grade (on air collage)

i.m.f.: standing dumb at the gates of  potential ascension (on air collage.........

including the music of phill niblock, elaine rodigue, wayne siegel, .....many others i neglected to write down)

four aces: love is a many splendored thing

milan knizak: broken music composition

surrender to the air: and furthermore

flying saucer attack: she is day light

philip glass: string quartet #2 (company)

loren mazzacane connors: two paths

loren mazzacane connors: the bridegroom of snow

the beatles: blue jay way

flaming lips: evil will prevail

frank zappa: the story of  willy the pimp

frank zappa: black beauty

crash crew: on the radio

delusions of performing twisted sister songs in front of the high school on the ride home

september 17th 1998:

i.m.f.: counter and counter counter development (on a james theme) (on air collage...wank wank)

i.m.f.: imrov 9/17 (more pretensousness....wank wank!)

louis andreissen, david lang, and interstellar policeman mix along with some of my own things

toru takemitsu: music of training and rest

ucla experimental workshop: #5

albert ayler: for john coltrane

thurston moore/ nels cline: tommy hall dragnet

john zorn: peur sur la ville

alice cooper: second coming/ ballad of dwight fry

sadha budaya gamelan gong suling: tabuh teluh

-september 24th 1998:

larry polansky: psaltery

grav: three hemispheres

edgard varese: octrande

mike patton: bombe a mano

captain beefheart: aunt man bee

brxtnle performed live on the air in the production room

headbutt: (neglected to write down the name)

straphangers art ensemble: straphangers' ball (last track)

torn curtain: twilite

ellen eskelin/ parkins/ black: vertical hold

hugh lecaine: dripsody: an etude for variable speed recorder

larry polansky: four voice canon #6

allison knowles: glide hall banisters

allison knowles: descending clogs event

sun ra: new day

anthony braxton: composition no. 100

-september 26th 1998:

a mix in which i used most of aphex twin's "selected ambient works 2" (disks one and two)

and layered over it work by john zorn, jim staley, karlheinz stockhausen, allison knowles, george crumb

an auction for my fourth grade class, some of my own stuff, it was very _____. stealing the mystery.

i.m.f.: improv 9/25 plus use of the old tail (collage improv blah blah)

hovercraft: anthropod

zoviet france: init

tan dun/ kronos quartet: earth dance

jim staley: i love you so much

einsturzende neubauten: salamandrina

jeffery roden: mary ann's dream (this was bad)

john zorn: once upon a time in the west

aphex twin: to cure a weakling child

witnessed a minor car accident on the ride home

-october 1st 1998:

(5 minutes to show time, i felt as though someone had slipped me something

i was very dizzy, i got scared and called a reulst of my illness

my playlist was poorly written, and there may be several errors, but im sure

you wont mind)

cresent: desert rose

christopher butterfield: music for klein and bouys

magical power mako: blue dot

yoko ono: the south wind

brise-glace: retained from do and will not leave

brise-glace: one syntactical unit

i.m.f.: in da dizzy fog/ lightless light (on air collage/ performance, whatever)

screams and growns

thunder lightinging and rain

elliot sharp: interference

cat fight


a collection of creaks (part 1)

john cage/ joan labarbara: a flower

a collection of creaks (part 2)

fuses and explosions

a collection of crashes


drips and splashes

things in space

stuart sherman: four sound pieces

your pet cat

philip glass: a secret solo


john cage/ joan labarbra: the wonderful widow of eighteen springs

scissor girls: staticlnd intro/ towers

chinese water torture

sonora pine: weak kneed

dutch harbor soundtrack: from the glory of the wind and the water

christine baczewska: day of the dead

dutch harbor soundtrack: ship supply

cabaret voltaire: ride baby ride

-october 3rd 1998:

tribes of neurot and walking time bombs: rust

i.m.f.: orono/ project grad photos (live performance)

charles amirkhanian: versel's angels

peter van riper: heart

edgard varese: ameriques

leif brush: terrain intruments are activated

joeseph lukasik: ultimaro's dream

jackson mac low: 38th and 39th merzgedichtein memoriam kurt schwitters

philip glass: vessels

matthew shipp duo: 2-z

perry botkin: auto erotica

a boring mix using holst's "the planets" along with works by arvo part, shipp, and shifrin

art bears: albion, awake

post prandials: the nancie's panties symphonic metamorphisis

tatsu aoki: hernia

-october 8th 1998:

three little pigs: who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

i.m.f.: handle

i.m.f.: handling

rachels: family portrait

french lesson 1

musci-venosta: dusty zebra

escape through hyper jump

paul schutze: an early mutation

space probe launch

steven dressler: woonsocket

french lesson 2

spiritual advice

alien encounter

david s. ware: dao feel

battle in the star fortress

more spiritual advice (contraceptives)

french lesson 3

frank zappa: teenage prostitute

alice in wonderland: im late

a flock of seagulls: nightmares

-october 10th 1998:

bobby conn: twilight of the empire

bobby conn: rise up

karlheinz stockhausen: ceylon

karlheinz stockhausen: der jahreslauf

karlheinz stockhausen: bird of passage

mike patton's entire "_________" album (spell?)

larry polansky: movment for andrea smith

larry kucharz: liquescence

larry kucharz: phrygia

larry polansky: horn

william parker: voice dancer kid

madonna: like a virgin

john lennon: how do you sleep?

-october 15th 1998:

walter marchetti: per la sete dell`oreceho

i.m.f.: subtle mirrors (table, screws, money, and so on)

throbbing gristle: catheder depletion

meredith monk: walking song

throbbing gristle: humoral responses

negativland: prologue/helter stupid

dick the table: lava lamp

random semi mind less collage featuring....

bing crosby, scott johnson, charlie parker, sonny rollins

david behrman, steven r. smith, flip mode, psas , anything within reach

all thrown into a little audio mix

dick the table:  necks of red

la monte young: dream house

last exit: sore titties

throbbing gristle: blood pressure

erik belgium/erik lyon: entracte/dirge

last exit: my balls/your chin

dick the table: thought crushing machine

eric belgum/eric lyon: 5

meredith monk: lost wind

pet shop boys: west end girls

-october 17th 1998:

school playground

morton feldman: why patterns?

open air swimming pool

i.m.f.: subtle mirrors 2

woodland atmosphere

a mix featuring erstlbrecht stiebler's three in one

allison cameron's a blank sheet of metal, as well as things by

sonic youth, i.m.f., cecil taylor, mozart, john bruce wallace, stockhausen, feldman

and so on

steve reich: different trains

david pavkovic/tatsu aoki: compression horn

mr. flahrety in the 4-track

beatles: im only sleeping

folk implosion: jenny's theme

john zorn: the big gundown

folk implosion:  raise the bells

-october 22nd 1998:

brian eno: m386

zoviet france: another self helion

anubis leisure society orchestra: rain

jin hi kim/ henry kaiser: yongary meets bigfoot

alistair galbraith: rivulets/ thoar

deep listening band: the ready made boomerang

karlheinz stockhausen: piano piece XI (version 2)

deep listening band: balloon payment/ metalorgy/ seven-up

i.m.f.: it was supposed to be a machine

deep listening band: c.c.c.c.

can: pauper's daughter and i

low: will the night

zoviet france: angels pin number

laurie anderson: closed circuit

jin hi kim: yellow seed

laurie anderson: dr. miller/ it was up in the mountains......

......for electronic dogs/ structuralist film making

alice cooper: unfinished sweet

low: condescend

-october 24th 1998:

i.m.f.: solo i kraag

jim horton: rebirth

a one sided 78 i found in the production studio, only thing it said on the record was

"PRESTO: GLASS BASE".....very worn and scratched, incomprehensible, but very interesting, i enjoyed it

angel carver: miracles to boot

brise-glace: neither yeild nor reap

ui/ microstoria: run? i jolly well wont run.  ill be happy top get you chaps another ball.

pink floyd: pigs on the wing (part one)

news from babel: arcades (of glass)

throbbing gristle: speed

eric dolphy: straight up and down

angel carver: invitations to dance

pink floyd: pigs on a wing (part two)

lou harrison/ john cage: double music

-october 29th 1998:

dick higgins: b.b. finally dreams about life/ b.b.'s you play it

phauss: final folklore

bob ostertag/ john zorn: slam dunk

kato hideki: against the sky

a bad collage attempt, well, it wasnt too bad, i dont know

jerry hunt: chimanzzi: links 2


heather perkins: what you think will happen to you, will

robotron 2004

ric e. braden: columbus ave 10pm


jim steele: splatter experience of the green gods

man and a woman falling from a height

daniel johnston: grievances

more sound effects

kitchen table experiments: exploded views

more sound effects

davis s. ware: solar passage

werewolves and killer bees

solomonoff von haffmanstahl: banzai noise

loren mazzacane: take me up

-october 31st 1998:

notes to tune your guitar to

how to play poison's "every rose has it's thorn"

albert ayler, phauss, wuorinen, sheilds, a recording of some friends

from the summer of 97, all in a hyper-lovely mix

davidovsky: synchronisms no.5

sheilds: the transformation of ani

john cage: eight whiskus

(some odd things began happening here that i do not recall)

my hymn to the worms

jeremy's halloween mix

james tenney: koan

music from "simon's quest: castlevania 2"

boredoms: hila y

bilting/ karkowski: als der himmel brannte

music from "dragon warrior"

frogs: i love u (u know i dont)

boredoms: human rich box y

charles dodge: any resemblance is purely coincidental

-november 5th 1998:

"thriller chiller sound effects" from fun mommy bought it for me

john cage: souvenir

panasonic: moottori

m2: passage

jackson mac low: thanks

christian wolff: snowdrop

vladimir ussachevsky: track one from "line of apogee"

pgr: sulphur (flowers sublimed)

kronos quartet/ george crumb: black angels

roger alsop: ism/chasm

rik rue: carillon/mapmaking/drums

m2: turbine

dennis bathory-kilsz: zeyu/quanh/sweeh

han earl park: electronic study for limited resources 3

adam silverman: credit is the history of words without history

colfax abbey: half life

panasonic: aines

m2: slowdrive

carl stalling: there they go go go

daniel johnston: rocket ship/god

fred frith: some clouds dont

daniel johnston: worried shoes

-november 7th 1998:

air traffic controlers: external/the war between right and wrong

mystery mix featuring larry kucharz and several unnamed folks

yet another fun mix featuring christian wolff, the samplers popping etc.

brxtnle: pulse/ purest form

vladimir ussachevsky: suite from no exit

a track from the "duel plover: the rebirth of fool disc"

the hub: electric rags 3

experimental audio research: the circle is blue

melissa mason: project mix 11/5/98 (creatures)

chris brown/ tom nunn: parbuka

moniek darge: shsh

oblivion ensemble: so....ft.

mr bungle: carry stress in the jaw

several tracks from the "duel plover" compilation

steve miller band: abracadabra

-november 12th 1998:

controlled bleeding: dying/reliving

knob: glu/pla/s

eugene chadbourne: sufficient space

i.m.f.: boom box improv (for garfield)

on air collage, source audio from melissa mason and others

eugene chadbourne: mao tse tung did not have to deal with people who were watching seven hours of television every day

oire: the getaway shuffle

istvan marta/ kronos quartet: doom. a sigh

kurt schwitters: ursonate (presto:finale)

nels cline/ thurston moore: we love our blood

last exit: the sprawl

tiny tim: religious medley/ i love me

-november 14th 1998:

ice cube: it was a good day

air traffic controllers: retardataire

dead voices on air: my wreath is of red jewels

unnamed mix (imf)

mix of myra melford, anthony braxton, david s. ware, dr. nerve, eugene chdbourne and others

yoko ono: paper shoes

m2: sunfire landing

daau: gin and tonic

caspar brottzman/ page hamilton: zulutime

charles ives: at the river/ his exaltation

bizarre sex trio: interlude

yoko ono: greenfield morning i pushed a baby carriage all over the city

m2: the first shard

-november 19th 1998:

"cd slice motage" with a zoviet france, morton feldman backdrop

most of annea lockwood's "the glass world" disc mixed with some grav

i.m.f.: performace, everyone, thing, point

splatter trio: three tests for detecting a lack of control

freaks amour: live radio feedback

non: between venus and mars

bill horist: clowder

gastr del sol: dictionary of handwriting

tony conrad: early minimalism (april 1965)

brian reinbolt: spores

gamelan pacifica: small of the neck

boredoms: 8

-november 21st 1998:

brad hawkins: strob incident

paul schutze: song seven

peeled hearts paste: dead and dying animals

holger czukay vs. dr. walker: silent planes

spontaneous collage

i.m.f.: the death of beth (generic collage)

brad hawkins: ptipa (part 2)

dave clark/walter drake: tibetan garage band

paul schutze: song six

peeled hearts paste: sorry

david s. ware: logistic

dave clark/walter drake: modified assembly line behavior

william parker: lifting the sanctions

-november 26th 1998:

knob: a groove from my version of 'retread'....made to skip

milton babbit: philomel

bill rauscher: space person i dont like you/ dumb clothes for dumb girls parts one two and three (well, most of it)

knob:  yet another 'retread' groove

brad hawkins: janice

merzbow: 1930

wendy carlos: timesteps

iannis xenakis: pleaides; 3 claviers

kraftwerk: geiger counter/radioactivity

knob: third groove of the show

a.t. monologue: 14 year old cunt

lawerence welk: alexanders rag time band/all alone/when my baby smiles at me

philip glass: akhnatten, act 2, scene 4

kraftwerk: radio land

theme to "one day at a time"

-november 28th 1998:

random open mike collage, external sound invitation

brad hawkins: turmoil

bernhard gunter: 11/1996

christian marclay: dust breeding

ray brunell: thresher

bob ostertag/ fred frith: sleepless

christian marclay: neutral

bill rauscher: it's the queen witch, what's she doing in this sector?

christian marclay: black stucco/his masters voice/groove

david keane: wervelwind

the jethros: close to you

-december 3rd 1998:

pgr: the sound wall

fuzzy: electric gardens and their surroundings

gyorgi ligeti: concerto for violincello and orchestra

chop shop: track one from 'chop shop plays emil beaulieau

the glands of external secretion: space needle

arnold schoenberg: 'beaheading' from 'pierrot lunaire'

hey everybody, look at me, i make noise!

iannis xenakis: pleiades, 2 metaux

pierre boulez: notations 1-12

trevor "i will destroy you"

the haters: croridura desi nezumi

chop shop: track 12 from "chop shop plays emil beaulieau"

pgr: headful of blue sun

cecil taylor: trance

ray brunelle: curse of the chia

captain beefheart and his magic band: hair pie: bake 1

pierre boulez: ....explosante-fixe.... (exploding-fixed)

captain beefheart and his magic band: when big joan sets up

-december 5th 1998:

improvisational mix using works of william parker, lois v vierek, arcane device and several other unexplainable

audio elements

more improvisation "prelude to a show"

experimental audio research: beyond the pale

k..: ?

tom furgas: 08 may 1998 (one of a kind tape)

bill rauscher: he wasnt a pervert, he was from finland

william s. burroughs: i was fooling around with these tapes in hotels........

alan licht/ loren mazzacane connors: pittsburgh

edgard varese: poeme electronique

-december 12th 1998:

voice mail from jim rand and trevor st pierre

a two hour improvisation, audio collage whatever

zipper spy: track one from the pure disc

conlon nancarrow: study for player piano #27

negativland: a big 10-8 place part 1

misha mengleberg: impromptu #4

john duncan: klaar

henry cowell: the banshee

susan rawcliffe: aquanot

ben johnston: suite for microtonal piano (movement 3)

-december 19th 1998:

john duncan: the immense room

i.m.f.: suena

a.t.: the application piece

jliat: hilberts hotel

and a collage to go with it....the chimes and cousins pre-puberty, sleepy a.t.

techno by damo

zga: mnemonia

collage featuring stefan wolpe's "forms" as well as kurt schwitters, godspeed you black emporer, bill

rauscher, zga, tommorowland, and a.t. improving on the juno in the prod room

godspeed you black emporer: east hastings

the jethros: slay ride

-december 26th 1998:

(six hour show number 1)

collage:  "beats for john" featuring fetisch park, i.m.f., eleanor roosevelt and other random sound sources

collage: mix of peeled hearts paste, pgr, david dunn, m2, jliat and others

collage: an hour long tribute to anthony braxton, 8 braxton records played at once with some cecil taylor and albert ayler thrown in every now and again

collage: fast forward, i.m.f., huun huur tu, tapes of old mange collages, and cassettes i found lying around in my bag

collage: merzbow, chop shop, charles ives,. ted machover, live performers etc.....

scott joplin: pine apple rag


bernard herrmann: vertigo suite

a.t.: voice of god

kronos quartet/ harry partch: two studies on ancient greek scales

kronos quartet: bells

frank zappa: didja get any on ya?

jin hi kin/eugene chadbourne: howdy partner

perotin/kronos quartet: viderunt omnes

cyndi lauper: all through the night